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"We helped the children preach the gospel (Mt 28.20) to about 40 persons with the good news bracelet. Each person we gave a bracelet to, after preaching it's gospel message to them of course, we asked to go tell others the good news. Woo Hoo! Please pray for the Good News Church here in The Philippines.
"Our church is called "The Good News Church" and our express purpose is for everyone in our church to go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature with the Good News Bracelet and to teach others to do the same (Mark16:15, Mathew 28:20). All are welcome to join us in this endeavor, wherever you are in the world. As for our work here in The Philippines, we earnestly covet your prayers." --Pastor Harry Judge
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The Good News Church is founded on the principle of the Good News Bracelet--to go and preach the Gospel to every creature. Our home base is in The Philippines, from where we reach out to all of Southeast Asia. Through this website, we are reaching the world. Please join us in spreading the Gospel to all the earth using the Good News Bracelet!